Just Write (1)

“Is that your professional speculation?” I thought to myself on the way to pick my son up from school because he punched a classmate in the stomach. “He seems tired, like he was up late last night.”¬†Well ‘Principal ¬†Judgey’, he had 11 hours of sleep, that seems like enough to me. “Unfortunately it was the same boy your son bit 2 weeks ago.” Yes, the same boy who was his best friend for most of the year. I try to explain how their relationship has been strained and how my son, who is 4, is having trouble with his friends. She cuts me short, says my son just lashed out unprovoked.

This behaviour is only happening at school and only with the same boy. Now I’m not a professional, but I think they could be related. My son is not perfect, neither is his behaviour or his parents. We are doing our best to help him handle his emotions, but we are not at school with him. Sending him home because you don’t want to deal with him is not the answer. I was under the impression that we were suppose to be team. Set aside your judgements and assumptions and lets work together to resolve this issue.


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#100happydays challenges us to post 1 picture each day for 100 days. The picture is to be of something that makes you happy. On their website they say that 71% of people who start this challenge do not finish due to ‘lack of time’. I find that so sad, what does that say about or culture and society and that don’t have ‘time’ to be happy. So I have started the challenge myself, I’m only a few days in and I haven’t missed a day but already I’m starting to have trouble thinking of new things to photograph that make me happy. I hope to complete this challenge. I think it will teach me to have a positive outlook on life and to focus on all the little things in life that bring me joy and happiness. Follow me on instagram to see how I do.

Welcome to the hub

Since I am a woman of many interest, I decided to create a central hub for everything me. I am a mother of two crazy little boys. I am a city girl turned country chick and loving every minute of it, although I have a lot of learning to do. I have a dog, 2 cats and a handle of fish. My all time favourite past time is reading. I love post apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, mystery and science fiction … particularly anything to do with magic or time travel. I went to school for graphic design and have also taken a few courses in make-up artistry. I love illustration and am still trying to develop my style, but I love to include illustrative elements in my designs. I love fonts and can spend hours browsing them. I enjoy writing and would love to one day write a fiction novel. I am a fan of anything that engages the imagination. I hope you will join me on my pursuit of knowledge, growth and happiness.